Worship the Lord

Vestibule Project (August-December 2019)

A project in the works for several years now, the expansion of our beloved vestibule is set to begin in a matter of days. The North Wall and Main Entrance will extend eight feet closer to the curb (as much as the Fairfax County Zoning Board will allow) and a new handicapped-accessible entrance will open to the East toward the garden courtyard. By consolidating maintenance supplies in one closet off the Cry Room, moving the HVAC units to small extensions outside the building, and incorporating the baptistery into the entryway, we will triple the size of the church lobby (which is also called a vestibule or narthex). The Word will stay as will the bathroom. Yay! We will lose one confessional. But plans are underway to add two soundproof confessionals to the original choir area (the extra seating located behind the tabernacle). Enough words. Here are the images.

This overhead comparison of the floor space shows the perimeter of the current vestibule in yellow and that of the expanded vestibule in red.

The new vestibule will be covered by a pitched roof. Arched windows will flank the main doors. The little roof over the steps will extend almost all the way to the curb.

From the East, a handicapped-accessible entrance will slope up gently from the sidewalk in the garden courtyard.

As you enter through the main doors, looking toward the far right corner, you will note the Baptismal Font and our lovely stained glass window (which will remain undisturbed through this whole process). Instead of the tray ceiling depicted in this rendering, ours will be a vaulted ceiling. Our beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will stand at the far left corner on a short pedestal.

Standing at the Baptismal Font and looking back at the Main Entrance, you will see The Word and the new Side Entrance

Funding for the project comes from what remains of the "Rooted in Faith - Forward In Hope" capital campaign, which took place about seventeen years ago. We have been well served by M C S Architects and look forward to completion of the work by Chamberlain Construction Corporation.