Learn the Faith

St. John the Beloved Religious Education


Out of concern and in compliance with the restrictions and regulations surrounding COVID19, Religious Education at St. John the Beloved will be delivered in two main parts this year.


Students in grades 1 and 3–8 will be enrolled in the "Faith and Life" online program through MYCATHOLICFAITHDELIVERED and will be expected to complete the year by June 30, 2021. Students in grade 2 will be enrolled in the "Spirit of Truth" digital edition (which includes a textbook) in preparation for reception of First Penance and First Holy Communion. A catechist will be assigned to each grade to track assignments, communicate with students/parents, and assist remotely as needed.


"Evenings of Catechesis and Prayer" will be offered by our priests in the church for all students and their families (grades 1–8) each Tuesday and Thursday from 7PM-8PM. These are not mandatory, but we do hope you will come when you are both comfortable and able.

Additional Sacramental preparation and required Safe Environment Training will be offered through distance learning and in seminars offered throughout the year. Those dates and times are forthcoming.

REGISTRATION FEE for the 2020/2021 RE Year will be $75.00 per student.


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the RE Office: Michael Jacobeen or Theresa Carrescia.

God bless you.