In Testimonium...

8 May 2022

Ordinary Form
Fourth Sunday of Easter
Acts 13,14.43-52
Psalm 100,1-2.3.5
Revelation 7,9.14b-17
John 10,27-30

Extraordinary Form
Third Sunday after Easter
1Peter 2,11-19
Psalm 110,9
Luke 24,46
John 16,16-22

May 10
Feast of St. Damien de Veuster

Father Damien had become internationally renowned before his death. After his death some critics from among the Protestant churches in Hawaii besmirched his character. Later in 1889, the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson and his family arrived in Hawaii for an extended stay. He became interested in the priest's controversy and went to MolokaŹ»i for a week and would later write an open letter in praise of Fr. Damien:

"Of Damien I begin to have an idea. He seems to have been a man of the peasant class, certainly of the peasant type: shrewd, ignorant and bigoted, yet with an open mind, and capable of receiving and digesting a reproof if it were bluntly administered; superbly generous in the least thing as well as in the greatest, and as ready to give his last shirt (although not without human grumbling) as he had been to sacrifice his life; essentially indiscreet and officious, which made him a troublesome colleague; domineering in all his ways, which made him incurably unpopular with the Kanakas, but yet destitute of real authority, so that his boys laughed at him and he must carry out his wishes by the means of bribes.

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Holy Mass, Evenings of Prayer & Catechesis, Funerals and other events at St. John the Beloved are frequently broadcast via which simulcasts at automatically. You can watch live video and archives at without a subscription or a profile.

Sacraments in Unusual Places

Holy Communion can be received in the vestibule after any and every Mass. Outdoor speakers permit you to listen to Mass without coming inside. Our priests can bring you Holy Communion at home as well.

Confessions are taking place among the pews in the rear of the church near the Divine Mercy image. On Saturday mornings and afternoons confessions are heard both in the Church and in the upper Parking Lot near the gymnasium. If you desire Confession at a time other than during those hours listed above, please feel free to call the rectory emergency line 703-835-2808 to request a confessor to meet you in church or in the parking lot.

Neighbors in Need

Many parishioners have volunteered to help deliver groceries or otherwise render assistance to neighbors who are not able to leave their homes. Please call the parish office either to alert St. John the Beloved about someone who needs help or to volunteer.

Eternal rest grant unto them...

Mary Beek

Rosemary Anderson

Susan Glover

Margaret Mary "Peggy" Stanton

Lawrence Violette

Tara Flanagan-Koeing

Fran Findley

Mary Margaret Rund
Sister of Carolyn Yontz

Sue Malone

Adrienne Maloney
Mother of Craig Maloney

Ana Vera

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