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Welcoming Catholics Home:
Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Welcoming Catholics Home"?
We are a new apostolate at St. John the Beloved, comprised of lay volunteers that serve persons who are seeking to return to the Church and to regularly frequent the Sacraments in order to come into a deeper relationship with Christ through the Catholic Church.

What is our mission?
Our mission is to provide a gentle "on ramp" where participants can share experiences of their faith journeys and consider questions regarding the Catholic faith's beliefs, practices, teachings and life in Christ in the Catholic Church.

How do we accomplish our mission?
We offer evenings of prayer, sharing faith stories and discussion on various topics regarding the Catholic faith with our lay volunteers. Our volunteers are also available for further private listening and conversation. We meet for a series of Tuesday evenings from 7-8 PM in the fall and in the spring. For more details, please see our website at

Who is invited?
We gladly welcome anyone with a genuine desire to return to practicing the Catholic faith more fully. We welcome all persons who have this sincere longing, regardless of their personal circumstances.

What about visitors?
We are limiting visitors to persons who are interested in finding out about our program in order to invite a returning Catholic to Welcoming Catholics Home, or persons who are sponsors of someone who is attending Welcoming Catholics Home and the RCIA program, or spouses of participants. Visitors are asked to just listen.

How does one register to join?
We ask every person interested in joining our evenings of sharing and discussion to email us at [email protected] to register. If someone comes to one of our evenings before having registered, they will be asked to fill out a Registration Form, and spend their first evening with us just listening. In the succeeding week, we will initiate a follow-up conversation with one of our volunteers in order to that we may know how to best serve each participant.

Who can be contacted with questions after attending a session?
We are all available to assist anyone with questions after attending our sessions. A list of volunteers and their emails is available at each session.