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St. John the Beloved Religious Education:
Farewell from Laura Gomes

Dear Parents of St. John the Beloved,

Today is my last day as the Director of Religious Education. I have been happy and grateful to serve here for the past 22 years. As you may have heard, the Assistant DRE, Mrs. Kathleen Johnson, retired on February 14, after 14 years of service to the parish. She and her husband, Brad Johnson, will be retiring to Hilton Head, SC.

I will be moving to Hawaii with my husband, Joe Gomes, to care for my 88 year old father-in-law, Sandy Gomes, who is in poor health with dementia. I will become a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant). Sandy lost his wife of 67 years, Gwen Gomes, last October and his extended family has been struggling to properly care for him.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve such an outstanding community! Thank you for your assistance and support. I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Mona Carter, long term parishioner and essential volunteer, will be my interim replacement. Mona is well prepared to take over the program, as she has been a catechist in various grade levels for decades; has generously volunteered her graphic art expertise and has a Master's Degree in Religious Education. Her daughter also graduated from St. John Academy.

Mrs. Michelle Mills, the current RE 7th grade girls' confirmation teacher and mother of six, will be replacing Kathleen. Michelle is also an excellent choice, as she was a full time teacher, has been active in Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) in various parishes and will be assisting in one in June for St. John the Beloved with Michael Jacobeen, Director of Youth and Family Ministry. Four of Michelle's children currently attend St. John the Beloved Academy.

Thank you to Fr. Pollard for his invaluable support of the Religious Education program and for hiring Mona and Michelle. I also want to thank the many outstanding teachers who taught in the RE programs over these many years. I am in your eternal debt!

Please be assured of my prayers for you and your families now and in the future, as well as the entire parish. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide to Mona and Michelle, as they assist you in raising your children to follow Christ. May we all continue to develop an intimate relationship with God that will lead to our sanctification and to the Beatific Vision in Heaven!

God bless you,

Laura Gomes