October 10, 2021

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10 October

This fall, the Arlington diocese welcomed 11 new seminari-ans, including two men from Cameroon: John Fimmuchime (on the left) and Christian Nyuykonge (on the right).

John Fimmuchime (on the left) and Christian Nyuykonge

Bishop Burbidge and Bishop George Nkuo of the Diocese of Kumbo agreed that Arling-ton would sponsor two Cameroonian seminarians for their last four years of formation. After ordination, the men will serve for four years here in Arlington before returning home. When asked about what influenced his decision to apply for seminary entrance, Mr. Fimmuchime said:

I would say that the death of my mother when I was 2 years old is the root of my call to be a priest. There is no other explanation for the call that continues to inspire me to join the Catholic priesthood, which I trace back to the time of her death. My mother died when I was a child, and still today I cannot picture her face; I have no photo of her, I only know that I had a mother who passed away.

In the year 2005, all of my siblings left home; some went in search of jobs, while others went to live with the older ones who were al-ready married. I was left alone with my father. During elementary school, I worked on my late mother's farm, I cooked for my father and myself, and I did most of the housework, so I pretty much say I learned to live alone at age 12. At one point I began to think that the fact that I am alive can only be explained by God's love for me, and that serving in the Church and as a priest would be the best thing I could do for God; I only wanted a place where I could give my life completely to God. Soon after completing my GCE/AL exams (high school) I shared this with my father. He told me, “John, if you want to become a priest, you will need to sponsor yourself.” My father gave me 500 francs, which is about $1.00. Little did I know these would be my father's final words and care for me, as he died a week later. With his death, my zeal for the Catholic priesthood only increased. I was very determined to become a priest to respond to all that God has been teaching me in my life. I saw the need to care for the broken-hearted and to thank God for my life through the services I may offer to His people as a priest.

God bless them!

Rev. Christopher J. Pollard