November 12, 2017

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You do amazing things...

...from raising money for orphans in Zambia through our St. Peter Caver Society to serving meals at Christ House. You are also Welcoming Catholics Home week after week not only on Tuesday evenings but also over coffee or wine in your spare time. You bring the seniors together every month to feast at the Lord’s holy altar and then to dine with each other. You are providing coffee and donuts Sunday after Sunday with time you don’t have to spare. You keep The Word open at times when we are coming and going from Holy Mass.

You continue to inspire new endeavors and reinvigorate old ones. The Knights of Columbus were dormant five years ago. Now we number over 100. We have Landing Parties for newly registered parishioners. The Fall Festival and Mardi Gras were great events in the past. Now they are a thing. And a new annual food festival is in the works: a combined St. Patrick’s Day / St. Joseph’s Day Irish and Italian celebration!

Singers! Servers! Catechists! Church cleaners! Church decorators! Ushers! Volunteers all.

It would be very difficult to overstate the importance and spiritual impact of the St. John Prayer Chain.

Your unwavering faith and persevering generosity make this parish happen. When you bring me a complaint I usually agree with you. When you bring me a new idea, nine times out of ten I can let you run with it.

This is the time of year when I will be presenting to you the annual financial report for the parish. I also will be emphasizing our duty to sustain the parish with our money... and with more money than we did last year.

Before we go there I want you to take a look at the list of parish groups and committees. No matter our age or ability, we all need to be engaged actively in the life of the parish. Commit to prayer. Commit to service.

As you labor to keep something going, please invite others to help. As you see an activity missing or a need not being addressed, please bring it to my attention and be ready for me to ask you to take it on.

God bless you all!

Fr. Christopher J. Pollard