August 5, 2018

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Thank you all for your responses to the call for alternate signs for our Beloved parking lot.

Here are your suggestions thus far:

  • “Church Traffic Only”
  • “Church Traffic only. Visitors Welcome.”
  • “Church Traffic Only. God is watching. Visitors welcome.”
  • “Welcome”
  • “Welcome to St. John the Beloved Church”
  • “Welcome to St. John the Beloved Church. All those
  • wishing to be Baptized, enter here.”
  • “Pray or trespass, you decide.”
  • “No trespassing. Violators will be baptized.”
  • “The truth and the life inside. Welcome to St. John the Beloved.”
  • “God’s house. All admirers admitted.”
  • “You are Now in the Drive-Through Confession Line”
  • “Beware of God”
  • “Don’t”
  • “Drive safely. Jesus is watching.”
  • “Parish traffic only – violators will be baptized.”
  • “Drive like your kids are at play here.”
  • “Speed limit XX or else speed bumps are next.”
  • “Trespassers forgiven if under 5 mph.”
  • “For deliverance please use other entrance.”
  • “U turn God sees”
  • “The Way”
  • “There is ONE WAY to Heaven.”
  • "Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Gestatio"

Keep the suggestions coming! And be careful out there.

God bless you.

Fr. Christopher J. Pollard