August 15, 2021

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15 August
Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

Ordinary Form
Revelation 11,19a;12,1-6a.10ab
Psalm 45,
1Corinthians 15,20-27
Luke 1,39-56

Extraordinary Form
Judith 13,22-25;15,10
Psalm 44,11.12.14
Luke 1,41-50

from The Liturgical Year by Dom Prosper Guéranger, O.S.B.

Mary stayed on earth after her Son’s Ascension, in order to give birth to his Church; but she could not remain forever in exile. Yet she was not to take her flight to heaven until this new fruit of her maternity had acquired the growth and strength which it belongs to a mother to give. How sweet to the Church was this dependence! — a privilege given to her members by our Lord in imitation of Himself. As we saw, at Christmas-time, the God-Man carried first in the arms of His Mother, gathering His strength and nourishing His life at her virginal breast; so the mystical body of the Man-God, the Holy Church, received, in its first years, the same care from Mary as the divine Child our Emmanuel...

No wonder that in Jerusalem, favored with so august a presence, the first group of the faithful rose unanimously above the observance of the precepts to the perfection of the counsels; they persevered in prayer, praising God in gladness and simplicity of heart, having favor with all the people; and they were of one heart and one soul. This happy community could not but be an image of heaven on earth, since the Queen of heaven was a member of it; the example of her life, her all-powerful intercession, her merits more vast than all the united treasurers of all created sanctities, was Mary’s contribution to this blessed family where all things were common to all.

From the hill of Sion, however, the Church had spread its branches over every mountain and every sea; the vineyard of the King of Peace was extended among all nations; it was time to let it out to the keepers appointed to guard it for the Spouse. It was a solemn moment; a new phase in the history of our salvation was about to begin: Thou that dwellest in the gardens, the friends hearken: make me hear Thy voice (Canticles 8:13). The Spouse, the Church on earth, the Church in heaven: all were waiting for her, who had tended the vine and strengthened its roots, to utter a word such as that which had heretofore brought down the Spouse to earth. But today heaven, not earth, was to be the gainer. Flee away, O my beloved (Canticles 8:14); it was the voice of Mary about to follow the fragrant footsteps of the Lord her Son up to the eternal mountains whither her own perfumes had preceded her.

Our Lady, assumed into heaven, pray for us!

Rev. Christopher J. Pollard