Statement by Bishop Paul S. Loverde and Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires states to issue marriage licenses to two persons of the same sex, and requires a state to recognize as marriage the union of two people of the same sex when it was lawfully licensed and performed out-of-state. We are deeply distressed by this decision which fails to uphold marriage as the union which unites one man and one woman. This fundamental institution, grounded in natural law, predates any religion or nation.

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In Testimonium...

How many times as of late have you been asked about same-sex marriage, homosexuality, contraception or abortion? Probably not often because most of your neighbors and friends probably know where you stand... or at least I hope they do. Have you been invited recently by someone to a wedding that won't begin a marriage by virtue of one of the two being already married and only divorced or both of them being the same sex? That might be more frequent than we imagine. How often are you involved in a conversation that turns toward something sinful? Are you left worrying about how to say something or how to extricate yourself?

First of all, don't be an accomplice. As your conscience grinds through the circumstances and what they demand of you, be mindful of how one participates in an becomes guilty of the sin of another person.

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Proposed Curriculum Changes to FCPS Family Life Education


Last month, the Fairfax County School Board voted 10-1 to become the only school system in Virginia to add "gender identity" to its anti-discrimination policy despite an overwhelming majority of citizens in attendance expressing opposition.

The School Board is now preparing to vote on June 25 on broad changes to its Sex-Ed or "Family Life Education" Program. Click here to learn more about this subject and about what you should do to get involved. [PDF]

Eternal rest grant unto them...

Donald Mowe
3 Oct. 1930 – 1 Apr. 2015

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5 Apr. 2015

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3 Feb. 1938 – 13 Apr. 2015

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9 May 2015

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12 Oct. 1930 – 15 May 2015

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18 May 2015

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25 Dec. 1918 – 23 Jun. 2015