Life of Christ Bible Study

Father Pollard and Father Sina are holding a Bible Study course the week of July 28th. Join them from 9:45 to 11:00 a.m. with a repeat of the morning class offered in the evening, from 6:15 to 7:30 p.m.

Life of Christ Bible Study documents to download:

Humanae Vitae

The transmission of human life is a most serious role in which married people collaborate freely and responsibly with God the Creator. It has always been a source of great joy to them, even though it sometimes entails many difficulties and hardships.

The fulfillment of this duty has always posed problems to the conscience of married people, but the recent course of human society and the concomitant changes have provoked new questions. The Church cannot ignore these questions, for they concern matters intimately connected with the life and happiness of human beings.

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Bought with a Price:
Every Mans' Duty to Protect Himself and His Family From a Ponrnographic Culture

Upon release of the letter, Bishop Loverde said, "In my fifty years as a priest, I have seen the evil of pornography spread like a plague throughout our culture. As part of my responsibility to lead all the people in the Diocese of Arlington to the vision of God, I find it necessary now to address the tremendous moral, social, and spiritual dangers of pornography." In the letter, Bishop Loverde addresses: The nature of the current threat of pornography; The arguments put forward by those who attempt to rationalize pornography; The offering of concrete counsel to all Christians, young people, couples, and priests and the gift of sight and its fulfillment in divine contemplation.

Download the entire letter as a PDF.

In Testimonium...

On July 31 the Church celebrates Saint Ignatius of Loyola. At the beginning of the Spiritual Exercises, the purpose of which is "to conquer oneself and regulate one's life without determining oneself through any tendency that is disordered", the great founder of the Jesuits explains the Principle and Foundation of the Exercises:

Man is created to praise, reverence, and serve God our Lord, and by this means to save his soul.

And the other things on the face of the earth are created for man and that they may help him in prosecuting the end for which he is created.

From this it follows that man is to use them as much as they help him on to his end, and ought to rid himself of them so far as they hinder him as to it.

For this it is necessary to make ourselves indifferent to all created things in all that is allowed to the choice of our free will and is not prohibited to it; so that, on our part, we want not health rather than sickness, riches rather than poverty, honor rather than dishonor, long rather than short life, and so in all the rest; desiring and choosing only what is most conducive for us to the end for which we are created.

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Eternal rest grant unto them...

Lt. Col. Homer Steinhoff
15 Jan. 1923 - 14 Mar. 2014

Roger Louis Slakey Jr.
19 Apr. 1927 - 21 May 2014

Kristen Theresa Keating
14 Apr. 1983 - 24 May 2014

Robert Malec Sr.
26 Mar. 1924 - 2 Jun. 2014

Joan Carola Gaw
8 Jun. 2014

G. Leonard Brothers
13 Jun. 2014

Anna Rita Gil
5 Jul. 1924 - 28 Jun. 2014

Dorothy Konnick Furey
3 Jul. 2014


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Virginia Catholic Conference

Virginia Bishop file amicus brief in Federal Court of Appeals

The Virginia Catholic Conference, representing Bishop Francis DiLorenzo of Richmond and Bishop Paul Loverde of Arlington, filed an amicus curiae brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in support of Virginia's definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The case is Bostic v. Schaefer. Previously, U.S. District Court Judge Arenda Wright Allen of Norfolk struck down the provision in Virginia's constitution that affirms marriage as the union of one man and one woman - a provision strongly endorsed by the Virginia bishops and approved by more than one million voters in a 2006 ballot initiative.

Archived Events

Sunday, February 23
Lecture on "Church Teaching on Economic Life"
Andrew Abela, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Business & Economics
The Catholic University of America
Watch the event online here.

FORTY HOURS DEVOTION: Sunday, March 16th - Tuesday, March 18th

The Reverend George William Rutler, S.T.D.
Priest of the Archdiocese of New York
Pastor of St. Michael Catholic Church


7:00 p.m. Solemn Evening Prayer
Homily by Rev. George Rutler


9:00 a.m. Holy Mass
Homily by Rev. George Rutler
7:00 p.m. Evening Prayer
Homily by Rev. George Rutler


9:00 a.m. Concluding Holy Mass
Homily by Rev. George Rutler