Year of Mercy Confessions

Year of MercyBeginning on December 2 during the first Week of Advent, the priests of St. John the Beloved will be hearing extra confessions on Wednesdays. On the hour every hour between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. a priest will be in the confessional and stay as long as there are penitents. One day we will have green lights to indicate an available confessor. In the meantime please look for the white light glowing through the window.

2015-16 Sunday Lectures at St. John the Beloved Catholic Church

We invite you to join us for the Sunday Lectures at St. John the Beloved Catholic Church, on the dates below, 4:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall

September 20, 2015
Same-Sex Marriage in these United States
Kyle Duncan, Leonard Leo & Fr. Sina

October 18, 2015
Synod of Bishops on the Family
Rev. Thomas Joseph White, O.P.

November 15, 2015
The Persecuted Church in Iraq & Syria
Sebastian & Katharine Gorka

December 13, 2015
Merciful like the Father: the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sr. Clare Hunter, F.S.E.

January 10, 2016
Gaudium et Spes (On the Church in the Modern World)
R.R. Reno

February 21, 2016
Fifty Years After the Second Vatican Council
George Weigel

March 13, 2016
Elizabeth & Felix Leseur: The Sanctifying Power of a Difficult Marriage
Robin Maas

April 17, 2016
Mercy and St. Thomas Aquinas
Rev. Thomas Petri, O.P.

May 15, 2016
Nostrae Aetate & Islam
Robert R. Reilly.

June 12, 2016
Sacrosanctum Concilium (The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy)
Rev. Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth


Welcoming Catholics Home

Do you know someone in your family or neighborhood that is thinking about returning to the Catholic Church? Do you or someone you know go to Mass but do not really see the point? Do you or someone you know go to Mass but do not experience intimacy with Christ? St. John’s apostolate, Welcoming Catholics Home, can help.

We will be meeting from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in the St. John Academy Teacher’s Lounge on Tuesdays this fall beginning on September 15. Our gatherings include time to get to know one another over wine and appetizers. Then we consider a topic we hope will be of interest. On September 15th, one of our volunteers will be speaking about the Pope’s upcoming visit to Washington, DC and what papal visits are all about in general. They have had a profound impact in shaping world history over the last 50 years. Please join us or suggest a friend or loved one join us. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Additional topics for the Fall Session can be found here.

In Testimonium...

Act of Dedication of the Human Race to Jesus Christ
Iesu dulcissime, Redemptor

The faithful may receive a Plenary Indulgence annually on the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Iesu dulcissime, Redemptor humani generis, respice nos ante conspectum tuum humillime provolutos. Tui sumus, tui esse volumus; quo autem tibi coniuncti firmius esse possimus, en hodie sacratissimo Cordi tuo se quisque nostrum sponte dedicat. Te quidem multi novere nunquam; te, spretis mandatis tuis, multi repudiarunt. Miserere utrorumque, benignissime Iesu, atque ad sanctum Cor tuum rape universos.

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Eternal rest grant unto them...

Ulf Schandlbauer
31 Jul. 2015

JoAnn M. Weglian
25 Apr. 1978 – 23 Aug. 2015

Mary M. Gaffney
15 Sep. 1920 – 5 Sep. 2015

Col. John F. McMahon
2 Jun. 1932 – 8 Sep. 2015

Ralph E. Smith
1 Sep. 1931 – 22 Sep. 2015

Barbara Jean Halpin
5 Mar. 1960 – 17 Oct. 2015

Ilse S. Pollard
12 Jan. 1933 – 24 Oct. 2015